Roadmap for Change

Funded by: 4TU Centre for Engineering Education
Project conducted: 2018–2019

The Roadmap for Change report is part of suite of projects connected with improving how teaching achievement is evaluated and rewarded at universities across the world. While the Career Framework for University Teaching (published in April 2018) provides guidance on what changes universities might consider making, the Roadmap provides insight into how change may be implemented.

The Roadmap for Change is designed to help institutions avoid the pitfalls commonly associated with such reforms and to optimise the chances of a successful and sustainable change. It offers insight into how the process of reform might be planned and implemented. It draws on the experiences of universities that have engaged in changing institutional support and reward systems for teaching achievement, and is informed by in-depth interviews with individuals who played a key role in designing and delivering institutional reform at these universities. Based on these expert views, the Roadmap identifies strategies associated with successful changes to university systems for recognising and rewarding teaching.